Financial Basics Foundation

Financial Basics: ESSI Money

The ESSI Money online game is a revolutionary idea that helps young people to improve their financial capability in a fun and educational way. Developed by the Financial Basics Foundation, ESSI Money supports students to explore the concepts of earning, saving, spending, investing, by using real world scenarios. The game is a dynamic quest for financial success, requiring the players to make real life decisions about their finances in order to grow wealth. It speaks to students in a language they understand, and uses interactive apps to replicate a range of real life financial transactions. These include banking, email and messaging, online buying and selling, investing and budgeting.

Players are encouraged to strategize and reflect on decisions made throughout the game by setting goals, creating a budget, and making regular diary entries. Teachers have access to rich reporting data that allows them to monitor class game play, and support student learning and progress throughout the game. ESSI Money allows the player to make real life decisions, and experience the consequences of these in a safe environment before applying their financial skills in the real world. For more information, or to register for ESSI Money, visit the Financial Basics Foundation website at

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